Mentis Cura’s technology is positioned to dramatically improve access to affordable brain diagnostics. For individuals with dementia, early and accurate diagnosis ensures they get the most appropriate care as soon as possible and helps them and their families understand the disease better before it progresses. From a health care system perspective, early and accurate diagnosis promotes better use of limited resources and accelerates and reduces cost of clinical trials for new drugs.


Utilizing a simple 5-minute recording of brain activity, Mentis Cura's technology can pick up specific fingerprints of diseases. The foundation for this unique capability is the company's database of 3000+ patients followed for up to 10 years. 

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Based on more than a decade of clinical research, Mentis Cura offers an important input for doctors to support their differential diagnosis of dementia, which helps avoid harmful side effects.


Early Alzheimer's Disease

Building on the success of Sigla, we are now developing a new product that supports doctors in making a prognosis for those experiencing early symptoms of cognitive impairment.

CNS Diagnostics


On the basis of extensive clinical studies and a strong knowledge base we are working closely with stakeholders to develop solutions that can support diagnosis.


Drug development

Personalized medicine approaches have been highly successful in Oncology and pharmaceutical companies are increasingly applying the same concepts in CNS projects. Our technology can support clinical trials in several ways ranging from patient selection to early signs of efficacy.