Mentis Cura’s diagnostic tools are based on electroencephalography (EEG), which measures brain activity non-invasively. It is a simple procedure requiring inexpensive equipment that is available in virtually everywhere. The 5-minute measurement is taken while the individual is awake and resting with their eyes closed. We have discovered that diseases, such as Alzheimer’s, have a distinct fingerprint, which is detectable up to 3 years ahead of disease onset. Mentis Cura has built a database of well over 3000 subjects followed clinically for up to 10 years. This database is the foundation of our innovative diagnostic products.

The products are developed using Statistical Pattern Recognition – a proprietary combination of cutting edge machine learning methods coupled with over a decade of practice EEG biomarker experience.

Even though our products could be considered digital medicine, we are committed to validating them to the highest standard in prospective clinical trials and have conducted detailed discussions with regulatory authorities to ensure we meet the highest standards of clinical evidence.