Sigla 3.3 is launched

The current release of Sigla, version 3.3 is now available for download and installation from For access and/or account creation or questions on upgrading, please contact your local distributor or e-mail us at

This release takes into account several new features that add to improved diagnostic performance:

  • Recognizing that different EEG-recorders have varying frequency response, Sigla now takes the recording systems properties into account when generating the Dementia Index and Lewy Body Index. A list of the supported EEG recorders is maintained here, including recommended settings for ensuring high-quality EEG recordings.
  • Patient gender and age is important to provide accurate diagnostic information, and the Dementia Index and Lewy Body Index now takes this into account.
  • By introducing a dual cut-off for both indices, Sigla 3.3 introduces the concept of an inconclusive area.

For more information about Sigla 3.3, click here. Please see the user manual for information on intended use, pre-requisites and diagnostic properties. Sigla is registered as a Class I Medical Device under the Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC (MDD).