Innovative data-driven technology for brain health

Combining EEG and machine learning for better health

Mentis Cura

Mentis Cura produces data-driven digital diagnostics based on machine learning that assist in the diagnosis of disorders of the central nervous system, such as dementia and ADHD.

Established in Iceland in 2004, Mentis Cura builds its technology on a database of over 3,000 EEG recordings from individuals followed for more than a decade. Mentis Cura has two CE marked products on the European market, Sigla and Katla. Mentis Cura has offices in the United Kingdom, Norway, Iceland and Japan, and has distributors in numerous countries.

Mentis Cura's history
Mentis Cura's history

What our products do

Mentis Cura’s technology is positioned to dramatically improve access to affordable brain diagnostics. For patients with dementia, early and accurate diagnosis ensures appropriate care as soon as possible and helps both them and their families understand the disease better before it progresses.

From a healthcare system perspective, early and accurate diagnosis promotes better use of limited resources and accelerates and reduces cost of clinical trials for new drugs.

Our products


Based on more than a decade of clinical research, Sigla provides important information to support doctors in making a differential dementia diagnosis.

Innovative digital medicine to assess brain health

Proprietary clinical database

EEG recordings from 3,000 patients followed for 10 years constitute our massive clinical database and provide a significant advantage in design know-how, accuracy, and robustness.

Neurological disorders cause EEG changes that can be detected ahead of clinical presentation.

Advanced machine learning

Using statistical pattern recognition, Mentis Cura has developed electro-physiological markers for dementia in adults and ADHD in children.

Diagnostic and prognostic information from the patients' EEG recordings is identified using machine learning. This information is subsequently used to analyze the individual patient's EEG recording.

Non-invasive diagnostics

The process is easy, fast and non-invasive and produces actionable results in a matter of minutes.

Easy, accurate and affordable diagnostics for brain disorders

EEG recording performed at a clinic or hospital

A few minute standard EEG is obtained using equipment that is already available in most hospitals and clinics while the patient rests comfortably.

Recording run through Mentis Cura software

Important features of the patient's EEG is uploaded through a simple, user-friendly interface with existing hardware and processed in our cloud-based diagnostic software.

Results within moments

The software delivers documented results with actionable information in an easy-to-read report.