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Lewy Body Dementias are difficult to distinguish from Alzheimer’s Disease in the early stages due to overlapping symptoms. A survey  of caregivers indicated that 8 out of 10 individuals with Lewy Body Dementias are initially misdiagnosed and half saw 3 or more doctors for more than 10 visits over a period of a year or more before getting an accurate diagnosis. For doctors, one of the concerns is that antipsychotic drugs, which can help Alzheimer’s patients, may have life-threatening side effects for Lewy Body Dementia patients. Mentis Cura’s Sigla can distinguish Lewy Body Dementias from Alzheimer’s with 84% accuracy. Sigla is a CE marked class 1 medical device in routine use in Iceland and being launched in other European countries.


Early Alzheimer’s Disease prognosis – Sigla ES

With just under 10 million new cases each year worldwide, Alzheimer’s Disease is an imminent challenge on a massive scale. It is increasingly difficult for healthcare systems to cope with the associated costs. Mentis Cura has developed a prognostic index that can help assess near-term risk of Alzheimer’s Disease. This product can contribute to development of new therapies by helping select subjects for trials. In clinical practice, the product will be less invasive, more affordable and more accessible than current options.

MentisCura’s technology
Alzheimer’s Disease


We have collected a database of over 1000 subjects covering ADHD, related disorders and age-matched controls, ranging from children to adults. Our product, Katla (CE marked Class 1 medical device), is in limited release and are working closely with clinicians to further develop products in this area.

Drug development

Mentis Cura has a 5-year successful track record supporting pharmaceutical companies in early phase drug trials. We were the first to develop an index that measures cholinergic activity based on EEG. This index has been applied to support target engagement as well as to predict response to therapy. Our diagnostic indices are well suited for selecting subjects, including regions where medical imaging expertise and equipment is not readily available. Our products may also provide early information on progression.

cholinergic system