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Mentis Cura is a digital diagnostics company that uses machine learning to diagnose disorders of the central nervous system, such as dementia and ADHD. Mentis Cura's technology builds on a unique database of more than 3,000 EEG recordings from individuals with various brain disorders, many of whom have been followed clinically for over a decade.

Specialising in statistical pattern recognition systems, Mentis Cura has developed new neurodiagnostic aids that help identify objective physiological evidence of central nervous system disorders and monitor pharmaceutical interventions.

Established in Iceland in 2004 by PhD physicist Kristinn Johnsen, Mentis Cura is now headquartered in Oslo, Norway and has operating entities in Reykjavík, Iceland, and Tokyo, Japan. Mentis Cura currently has one CE marked product - Sigla® - on the market and distributors in numerous countries.



Mentis Cura founded

Mentis Cura founded in Iceland by Kristinn Johnsen.

Kristinn Johnsen founded Mentis Cura
2004 and onwards

EEG Database

Database with over 3,000 EEG records of patients (followed for 10+ years) continuously expanded.


CE mark

Sigla launched in Iceland serving over 700 patients to date.


Mentis Cura Clinic opened in Iceland

Collaboration with leading entities in the dementia and CNS field.

MC Clinic in Iceland

Proof of concept

Proof-of-concept studies in UK, Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Iceland.


Mentis Cura headquarters

Mentis Cura headquarters established in Oslo, Norway.

MC HQ in Oslo

Mentis Cura Asia

Mentis Cura Asia hub established in Tokyo, Japan


ISO 13485 Certification

Mentis Cura granted ISO 13485 Certification for medical devices.


Exclusive partnership

Exclusive partnership agreement with Nihon Medi-Physics in Japan



Sigla launched in Italy


2020 and onwards

  • Securing regulatory approval in new markets
  • Establish partnerships and agreements
  • Pipeline
  • Expanding data base

Meet the founder

Kristinn Johnsen

Kristinn Johnsen

Founder and CSO

Kristinn Johnsen founded Mentis Cura in 2004 in Reykjavík, Iceland.

Kristinn has a sound scientific bacground and pharmaceutical experience. Before founding Mentis Cura Kristinn was a senior research scientist for Lyfjaþróun drug delivery company.

Kristinn holds a PhD in theoretical physics from the Technical University of Denmark, and did post-doctoral fellowships in Denmark and the United States.

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