Data driven innovation

Mentis Cura is saving and improving people's lives through AI-enabled data-driven healthcare. Our unique data platform empowers research, product development and clinical decision-making for everyone involved in brain health.

By applying data mining and machine-learning techniques to our unique cloud based data platform we are able to develop multivariate markers with a significant impact on diagnostics, prognostics and treatment effects within the CNS field as well as products for non-clinical use.

Mentis Cura’s data-driven system provides an extraordinary opportunity to deliver significant benefits for patients, the health care systems, and society to improve individual care, medical services, private and public health care, and advance medical research and innovation.

Raj Sharma: Mentis Cura’s data-driven system provides an extraordinary opportunity

Raj Sharma


Building smarter data-driven healthcare ecosystem

The healthcare industry is one of the pioneers in technology adoption. This has brought its stakeholders closer to the data, thereby allowing a faster decision-making process and creating a gradual improvement in life expectancy and population health. It is becoming evident that the quality and availability of data plays a major role in building a transparent, patient-centric healthcare industry.

Event-driven APIs (application programming interfaces) are seen as digital connectors in today’s platform-centric business world. Organizations – in healthcare and across industries - have an API-first systems development approach. An API marketplace specifically solves the discoverability problem of health data, and it will socialize the APIs with stakeholders, empowering them to innovate. A marketplace will encourage health organizations to think about how they can expose and organize their custodian data, making health data available through open API initiatives.


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Kristinn Johnsen

Kristinn Johnsen

Chief Scientific Officer