Product Pipeline

By further applying artificial intelligence (AI) to our growing data platform we are continuously working to expand our product line with more precise, cost effective, easily available, non-invasive diagnostics, prognostics and markers to save and improve people's lives.

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Prognostic marker

Prognostic marker

Neurophysiological prognostic marker that will determine the likelihood of developing dementia by identifying functional signs consistent with developing dementia

This will help clinicians select patients who will develop Alzheimer’s Disease and help their patients make decisions for their health and arrangement future.

Cholinergic marker

A virtual physiological maker measuring the activity of the cholinergic system.

It will have a variety of clinical and non-clinical applications and be useful for clinical trial population stratification, companion diagnostic, anesthesia, pilots, military, performance athletes, health and life insurance and more.


Will be the only single test on the market that can diagnose ADHD.

Our pipline ADHD diagnostic tool will be able to diagnose ADHD in adults and children and can be used to evaluate effects of medication.


A differential diagnostic between depression and dementia.



Differential diagnosis between dementia with Lewy Body Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease.