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On this site, licenced Sigla users can download and install the Sigla software, updates and manuals.

Download and installation

Sigla 3.2

Name: Sigla
Version: 3.2
Publisher: MentisCura ehf

The following prerequisites are required

Sigla 3 requires Microsoft Windows 7 or later versions and the windows installer. Sigla is a client-server application that requires connection to the internet via HTTPS.

There is no support for smartphones, notepads, Linux or Apple Mac.

If the Sigla 3 client components are already installed, you can launch the application by clicking here.

Otherwise, click the "Download" button to install the Sigla 3.2 client and run the application.

The procedure for download and installation varies from browser to browser, so please run the setup.exe file and follow on screen instructions to complete the installation.

If you require assistance with the installation, or would like more information about the software, please contact Mentis Cura.

Frequently asked questions

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