A diagnostic aid for dementia offering early detection, accurate diagnosis and effective clinical monitoring through measurement of brain electrophysiology.


Following more than ten years of intensive research and investment, a new and highly efficient diagnostic aid has become available to clinicians specialising in the detection and treatment of dementia.

SIGLA™ from MentisCura provides what is essentially the first EEG biomarker for dementia. Using EEG, a widely available and simple technology, clinicians can access individual, evidence-based reports containing actionable information.

The pathologies of different dementias vary greatly, but they all affect the electrophysiology of the brain, which is reflected directly in the electroencephalogram (EEG). Sigla focuses on the EEG as a basis for early and accurate dementia diagnosis.

The diagram demonstrates the different factors that steadily contribute to cell death in the brain, reflecting biomarkers for the presence of dementia before clinical symptoms present themselves.

Who should use SIGLA?

General practice and memory clinics

Ideal for Alzheimer’s centres and smaller facilities, as well as larger practices, Sigla supports the diagnostic protocol, with an effortless measurement and objective assessment.

University hospitals

Sigla can be used to evaluate and re-evaluate existing EEGs, helping to confirm diagnoses. Supporting the clinical diagnostic workup for dementia patients, it can also be useful in clinical and pharma- cological studies.

How does it work?

Mentis Cura has developed a sophisticated database of EEG measurements taken from more than 4000 subjects, classified and diagnosed independently by at least two Medical Doctors.

Analysing over 1,100 EEG features, SIGLA™ software applies modern multivariate statistical methods to determine how well the patient fits specific groups in the database. When the results are used in combination with current clinical best-practice methods for diagnosing dementias, SIGLA™ demonstrates accuracy levels in the region of 90%.