Clinical Services

MentisCura’s innovative, functional use of electroencephalogram (EEG) technology is a non-invasive, affordable and accessible diagnostic aid.

Through a normal web browser, clinicians can access a powerful state of the art differential diagnostic service for CNS diseases. An expert functional report with the analysis is delivered directly to clinicians and medical monitors.

SIGLA™ and KALTA™ are CE marked diagnostic aids, based on advanced, proprietary EEG-biomarker technology platform that accurately maps changes in electrophysiology to specific disease pathologies, through correlation with the world´s most comprehensive proprietary EEG database for dementia and ADHD.


In 2012 MentisCura’s launched the world’s first fully-automated system to use a five minute EEG recording to provide a fast, accurate and reliable assessment of the likelihood that a patient is suffering from a neurological disorder

MentisCura’s service capitalizes on a decade and €20m of capital and in-kind contribution invested in the development of uniquely powerful, proprietary EEG biomarkers of neurodegenerative disorders

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SIGLA from MentisCura provides what is essentially the first EEG biomarker for dementia. Using EEG, a widely available and simple technology, clinicians can access individual, evidence-based reports containing actionable information.

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An electrophysiological biomarker, based on a decade of research and development, KATLA™ represents a new generation of computerised diagnostic aids for ADHD in children. Advanced computing methodologies are injecting new life into traditional EEG recording techniques, marrying a simple and familiar device with highly sophisticated software to open a new chapter in CNS diagnostics.

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